Moral of this Story? Listen to Me!

I never really imagined being a person that people would ask for advice from regarding fitness and health.  I mean, regardless of what I’ve accomplished personally, I’m still a ‘chubby bunny’.

But it’s happened.  It’s actually happened a fair amount.  And I’ve had friends tell me repeatedly that I should look into becoming a personal trainer.  When this happened I’ve looked around when I’ve had someone tell me this to see who they were talking to.  Because it surely wasn’t me.

But I’ve come to realize that people reach out to people they are comfortable with when it comes to their struggles.  And a lot of people are comfortable with me.

And I’m ALWAYS happy to help anyone who’s trying to lose weight and don’t know where to start.

Recently my sister came to me and asked me to help her.  It should be said that I love my sister dearly BUT for the past few years I’ve had many times where I tried to help her with losing weight.  Including signing her up for a Tough Mudder in 2016, that she didn’t attend (but that story ended just fine).

So when my sister reached out and asked me to put together a meal plan for her, I was not receptive to say the least.  But I did it, not only because she’s my sister but also because this may be the catalyst to change it all.

I shared with her my two biggest rules and told her not to get on the scale for two weeks.


Two weeks later, I get a picture message of a scale in the dark and a text stating: 10.8 pounds!

And I’m extremely proud of what she’s done so far and I’m sure that she’ll continue!

There’s more to this story than what the headline implied.  The first few times my sister told me that she wanted to get healthy and lose weight, I heard those things and tried to empower her to do so BUT what I didn’t realize is that even though she was saying those words, she didn’t mean that she was ready to take action.

I heard her say that she wanted something and I was so excited that I wanted to help her.

This time, she came to me and told me EXACTLY what she wanted.  And that meant that she was ready.

And her readiness was the reason for her success. 

My sister could have put together her own meal plan, but she did not.  Because she knew that another thing would come from having me put it together for her.  And that was accountability.

The second moral of this story?  Readiness and accountability are required to succeed.



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