Setting Goals & Making Plans


When I made the decision to take on the World’s Toughest Mudder I was forced to acknowledge something I struggle with: Setting goals

But my goal-setting issues are more about the short term, measurable goals.

I tend to see the forest but not the trees.

Thankfully, I’ve met a TON of people, including Carola.  She helped me to work through my goals for WTM and also shared a post that I found super helpful! She explains the idea behind SMARTER goal setting and also has made a super helpful worksheet.

Jump over to her post here to check it out if you are in the same boat as I am.

Below is a list of my goals and when I plan on implementing to reach them:

Outcome: I want to complete at least 25 miles at WTM 2018 and earn my 24 hour headband.  This goal is based on my average regular TM time and a bit of fear, honestly. I plan on doing Toughest in the summer to get a better idea of a realistic goal.

  • Process goals and the plan:
    • Logging at least 12 miles a week: 2-3 short runs and one long run
    • Continued strength training, incorporating exercising that will help me with the obstacles I know I struggle with.
    • Being able to do pull-ups.
    • Losing weight; I’d like to lose at least 30 pounds of fat. Having been at a lower weight before, I know that it will help me tremendously when it comes to running and I can only assume it will help me when it comes to the obstacles I will have to pull myself over and across.
    • Incorporating stretching (I have a horrible habit of slacking off when it comes to stretching).
    • Eating clean and not focusing on what I can’t have while doing so.
  • Measurables:
    • Pull-up goals:
      • Complete two unassisted pull-ups by the end of January.
        • Continue to increase that amount by at least one a month.
      • Complete minute long dead-hang by the end of January.
        • Continue to increase that time by at least 15 seconds.
    • Distance running and time:
      • Decrease my average pace from 15:00/mile to 14:30/mile during a 5K by NOLA TM.
    • Stretching:
      • Stretch in the morning at least 5 days a week.
      • Stretch after each workout.
    • Weight loss:
      • Lose five pounds by the end of January.
        • Continue to lose five pounds each month until goal is reached.

The good thing about these goals is that I can put them in my planner and mark them off as the weeks go by.  And I LOVE to check things off my to-do list!


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