2017: A Thick Solid Line

As 2017 comes to an end, I can’t help but reflect on the year. So much has happened this year and it is a year that I will look back on in fondness.

I’m not one for resolutions. My thoughts are that if you want to change something about yourself, do it the day you realize you want to change it, don’t wait for a certain day.

But as I started thinking about a recap, I thought about all the resolutions I’ve made in the past or ones that people around me have made. And this year, I accomplished so many of them while just living my best life.

I traveled more.  So much travel.

I went to Disney World for the first time. I got to meet Minnie Mouse and I was as excited as any child is when they meet her.  I watched the fireworks show and made it from the front of the park all the way to the back in record time because Starbucks is life.

I traveled to five out-of-state Tough Mudder events.  I participated in Nashville and Central Florida. Volunteered at the Nashville 5K, both days at the Carolinas, and three days at World’s Toughest in Vegas.

I went to Universal Studios for my 29th birthday.  We got to ride ALL of the rides and visit Harry Potter World. I got to take a corny picture like that Jaws shark was eating me.

I visited my childhood best friend in Texas. And spent so much time poolside that it was amazing.  I got to have early mornings with my godsons and just enjoy love from them. 

I spent time focused on health.

I hit a personal record on bench press of 215 pounds, which I’m the most proud of.  I hit a few other PRs at the gym as well.

I reached a new 10K personal record during the Peachtree Road Race, which was said to be one of the hottest recently. And I wore a tutu while doing so!

I finished three Tough Mudders. One of which I signed up for only four days before. Another of which was only a month after I was in a pretty bad accident.

I also spent time being more intentional when it came to relationships.

I really started to focus on the ways I interact with the people around me. I tried to call people more over texting and sent cards to people whenever I felt like it.

Some relationships sadly fell apart because sometimes growth means moving on.  But fresh ones sprung up in their place.

And I intentionally nurtured those.

Each year comes with ups and downs. I’ve always imagined life’s journey looks like a heartbeat print off. When you look at a short amount of time, there are plenty of ups and downs.  But when you step back and look at a year’s worth, the ups and downs aren’t as drastic and the line is eventually just a thick, solid line.


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