Sometimes things that we love change. And that’s okay.

But sometimes it can make it hard to love them.

Tough Mudder is going through some changes right now. And it was really apparent to me as I was on the NOLA course on St. Patrick’s Day.

But as I’ve been reading various people’s responses and the feedback to that even and the others that have occurred since, I realized something. Well, two somethings.

The first being: People are having a hard time loving Tough Mudder right now.

The second beings: I still love Tough Mudder.

My love for TM isn’t because of the course or the obstacles or the mud, but I really love some good mud. But because of the people.

Tough Mudder has introduced me to some amazing people.

And honestly, a lot of those I love are people that are having a hard time loving TM.

And here’s the thing: I totally understand where they are coming from. And I hear them loud and clear.

What are we doing to help with the issues we are having? I mean, I know that we can’t go out there and build the obstacles ourselves, but how are we changing the things we can change?

I wanted to address some of the reoccurring complaints I’ve read:

Problem: Doing the same obstacles are boring.

Solution: Maybe take it on a different way. Can you go through feet first or on your back? Maybe pretend that you’re James Bond and are on a mission.

Take away: We’re all adults. But this is a time that we can play like kids. And we still have an imagination that we can use to make things more interesting.

Problem: The distance that is just for mileage sucks.

Solution: Make it fun. If you’re with a group, make a game of it. Maybe play tag or ‘Simon Says’.

Take away: There’s always been distance that was just for mileage, the only difference is that we are traveling the same trail twice.

Problem: The obstacles aren’t ‘tough’.

Solution: Take them on in a ‘tougher’ way. You can complete Funky Monkey with no problem? Try it backwards. Set a timer that you have to beat.

Take away: Sometimes the biggest challenge is remembering that we are tough, tougher than last time. And sometimes things are only as hard as we make them.

I will be on course again in just a few weeks. Central Texas, here I come! And I’m going to do some of the things listed here. Because regardless of the changes, Tough Mudder will ALWAYS hold a place in my heart along side the people I’ve met along the course!

And along side those I’ve dragged into the course with me!

I’m going to leave it with this bold statement: There’s a somewhat famous quote that goes: ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ Well, my fellow mudders, ‘Be the change you want to see on the course.’


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