Toughest Mudder Eve

As I sit on a very delayed plane, I just realized something important. I realized that I’m not nearly as terrified about the event as I was about two weeks ago. I’m still worried about it for sure, but I’m getting excited.

Game day jitters are starting to settle in and I’m looking forward to donning my gear and lining up with my fellow Mudders on that start line and heading out into the night.

I think the thing that scared me a lot was the fact that I kept feeling like I should have been doing more to be ready. But right now there is officially nothing else I can do to further prepare myself.

As of this moment, all I can do is show up at that start line and go for it.

And theres something calming about that fact.

As I packed my gear into my race bag last night, including the multiple sets of back-up items, I felt more at peace about the challenge that was ahead of me.

My gear is packed. My nutrition is planned. My goal is set.

And all I can do is go out there and run my race.


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