Injury Report, a.k.a. How Not To Train

While I’ve been training for WTM I’ve still been maintaining an active race schedule. Toughest Midwest was about 7 weeks ago and I did my first non-TM event of the season, The Peachtree Road Race (a 10K) on Independence Day.

I came back from both of them with injuries that took away my ability to train for several weeks each.

Hence my lack of updates.

Because, let’s be serious, no one wants to hear about how much I want to be at the gym or lifting or doing anything but recovering.

When I got back from Michigan after Toughest Midwest, I jumped right back into training. Between getting home on Monday and going to see my chiropractor on Saturday, I had three weight-lifting sessions.

During and after each session I had muscle aches and pains. But like most people, I attempted to work through them.

That Saturday my chiropractor informed me that the pains that such were caused by muscle spasms in my glutes and that I would need to stop my normal lifting and focus on recovery.

For the next three weeks that’s what I did. And the weekend before Independence Day I was cleared to train.

And then the time came for the Peachtree Road Race. And y’all, I LOVE few things more than I love an excuse to look like patriotism threw up on me.

And even though I hadn’t REALLY trained at all for the PTRR, I had decided that I would PR.

Which I did. By a minute and four seconds.

Still, that’s a PR!

There is an issue with not training at all and deciding that I was going to PR so soon after being cleared to commence with training… that issue is called aggravating an injury.

Which, of course, is what I did.

Which started the cycle all over again. But thankfully with a shorter recovery time.

But I’ve been cleared once more!

So weights, watch out! I’m coming for you!


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