99 Days But I Can’t Spare One

When I tell people that I do Tough Mudders for fun, there’s normally one of two reactions.

Reaction #1:  ‘That’s CRAZY!  Why would you do that?!’

Reaction #2: ‘That’s AWESOME!  How can I do that?!’

I can remember being at the heaviest weight and wanting to do a Tough Mudder more than anything else.

And not only have I done a Tough Mudder, I’ve done six!  AND a Toughest Mudder!

But more than that, I’m going to do a World’s Toughest Mudder!

Today marks 99 days until World’s Toughest Mudder and I’m too excited for words!  But apprehensive, as always.

The on-and-off injuries I’ve been experiencing the last few weeks have really discouraged me, I’ll admit.  It’s hard to wait and recover just to have something go wrong again.

And as time starts to wind down, I start feeling the pressure.  I look at the countdown and don’t see days to go.  No, I see the number of workouts left.

I have less than 99 workouts until WTM.

I wonder if people ever really feel ready for big events.  Like, do the elite athletes like Rea, Nick Allmond, Ryan, Allison Tai, or Lindsay ever just feel like they are ready?

I know the rest of us feel ‘as ready as we’ll ever be’.  Or at least most of the people I know feel like that.

Hopefully, my injuries are behind me and there are only good workouts to come!


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