Let’s Talk About Gear Baby!

If there’s one thing that is obvious it’s this: WTM is an intimidating event.

Which I have acknowledged over and over again. And I really want to stop, but it gets no less intimidating the closer it gets.

It’s kind of like a mountain. Far out from it, it looks manageable. But the closer you get, the more you have to look up at it, the more you have to lean your head back just to see the top.

And 80 days away has me looking up, eyes wide and wondering what I was thinking.

But this isn’t about that. This is about a slightly less intimidating topic: the ever-growing gear list.

I’m a fan of lists. And being prepared.

And camping.

While looking over the gear lists many people have put together, I realized that my camping habits are going to benefit to me greatly.

I have most of the major items thanks to my camping habits and having done Toughest Midwest.

Gear I still need to buy:

  1. Trail Gaiters – In my experience, Atlanta isn’t bad about pebbles and such getting in shoes, but I’d rather be safe than sorry after my experience in Central Texas.
  2. Socks – I want a second pair of injinji toe socks. The ones I currently have are the same ones I’ve had for three years and I’m worried about their integrity.
  3. Hydration vest – I currently have a Northern Brothers Hydration system, but I realized at Toughest Midwest that I really didn’t want that extra weight. The hydration vest is great because it’s got a spot for a soft water bottle and pockets for whatever else I need to carry.
  4. Swim cap – Not sure how essential this is.  But it’s not expensive, so I think it’s one of those things that would be a ‘rather have it and not need it over needing it and not having it’.
  5. dryrobe – This is happening. It will be embroidered with my nickname: SMASHLEY
  6. Bleggmitts – I’m still on the fence about these. I’m not sure if the cost is justifiable.

Supplies I will get closer to time:

  1. Space Blankets
  2. Hot Hands Body Warmers
  3. Gurney Goo
  4. Carabiners
  5. Buckles for bib
  6. Various first aid items
  7. Miscellaneous paper and plastic products

And things that I want because convenience:

  1. Wetsuit Changing Mat – Have you ever tried to take off a wet suit while completely and totally exhausted and done?  It’s rough.  And if you don’t want to get it completely dirty, you need help.
  2. I guess that the only thing right now..

I think that looking at the list like this is less over-whelming than looking at it on my Amazon wish list or on a piece of paper.

And having time between the event and now, I will be able to search REI garage sales, end of summer clearance, back-to-school sales, and the like.

I like to think of myself as a frugal person when it comes to stuff that I can plan out well in advance, like this.  I shouldn’t have to pay full price for anything realistically.

But if someone knows someone who might want to sponsor a first timer, I wouldn’t say no!


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