It’s a Quarter After One, I’m All Muddy and I Need You Now

Ten weeks. That’s two handfuls of weeks y’all.

Earlier this week I was reading a post where the author was talking about how emotional he got when he asked his family/friends to be a part of his pit crew for WTM.

It should be said that I have some of the best friends in the world. Even though exactly NONE of my friends have any desire to do a Tough Mudder, they know how much it matters to me.

And they support me in my goals and achievements.

But there is something about asking someone to give up their weekend and spend it in a tent and making sure I don’t die. It’s something that I had a hard time thinking about asking someone to do.

As a person who enjoys Tough Mudder and being a part of the community, pitting is something that appeals to me. Helping someone accomplish their goals and being a part of their success, that appeals to me.

But, I’ll admit, I had a hard time understanding why my friends would volunteer to do something like that for me. I mean, it seems like something that will take a whole lot of their time and have very little reward.

The reality of the situation is that I will need them. And that’s almost as scary as the event itself.

But I’ve been blessed to have two people who not only are going to pit for me in November, but TOLD me that they are going to do so. There was no asking necessary; they informed me that it was what would be happening.

April and Alicia are two of the best friends I could ask for. In the past few years that I’ve known them, they’ve come to matter so much to me. They are both supportive, kind, and good for a laugh.

And actually, they have both been there since the beginning of my Tough Mudder journey. On the day of my first Tough Mudder, I walked out of my house and saw this on my car.

I can’t even imagine what World’s Toughest Mudder will bring to our friendship, but knowing that they will be there to support me through it helps more than anything else ever could.

The two of them have been dealing with me rushing out of places to train for our entire friendship. They have heard me talk about my worries and fears with each event I have participated in. They have supported me and told me that I could do it even when I was questioning what I was thinking.

The knowledge that they get to be part of this event, an event is so HUGE to me, is surely part of what made them decide to be there.

Having these two amazing women as my friends showed me something really important. We need to surround ourselves with people that are happy for our happiness and feel joy because of our joy.

Considering how often people tend to belittle the excitement of others and downplay people’s achievements, it’s important to have people around you that are excited about what your are excited about.

Even though I didn’t actually ask these two to be my pit crew, I’m thankful they decided they were going to do it, regardless of my attempts to convince them otherwise.

There is no doubt in my mind that these two are going to help me do my best at World’s Toughest. I couldn’t be happier to have them on my very first pit crew.


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