Singin’ Don’t Worry About a Thing, ‘Cause Every Little Thing Gonna Be Muddy

Me: Okay, so is being a low level of panicked the norm? Because I am right now.
Chavez: Yep.
Me: Oh, I’m glad it’s normal

I know that a lot of people don’t like to admit when they are scared or worried or panicking about something.

I know that I used to be one of those people.

But really, I am NOT like that at all when it comes to World’s. Honestly, I bet my closest friends are tired of hearing about it.

Seriously, I will talk about my worries and fears regarding it with anyone. Partly because I’m not concerned with false bravado.

But also because it is normal and surely knowing someone else has fears makes others feel better about how they are feeling about it.

Chavez proceeded to share how I was feeling with a group and something that really helped me came from it.

A man named Sean Thomsen, a 3-time WTMer, said this in response:

Sit down in a quiet place and visualize the entire day (or the whole damn week before). Go through every single detail you can think of that you have prepared for. Imagine the electricity in the air, the buzz of frantic activity, but there you are watching all of it calmly breathing and ready. Say hello to your friends (in your head), check you gear and check it again. Go through the game plan with your pit crew.

Remember all of this is visualized.

Now stand at the start chute, you might cry, (a lot if you’re like me). Your heart rate increases, feel the buzzing, breathe more.

Step by step, mile by mile visualize your race. As you approach an open obstacle scan it for back ups, fast lanes, shoddy building, slippery stuff, extra gravel. Analyze as you jog up to it.

Now do that for the next 375 obstacles (you’re going to hit 75 miles btw).

If there is something you are particularly afraid of or that gives you a queasy, spine tingling clammy feeling find something else that gives you that feeling and do it a shit ton of times. (for me its the feel of a steering wheel sliding through my hands, it freaks me the fuck out). Do that multiple times until it doesn’t feel weird anymore. When you conquer that apply that same feeling to whatever obstacle or fear you have for wtm and remember how harmless the fear actually was. Overcome.

Visualize everything. Every obstacle you can think of. Every gear change, every blown out shoe, everything. Then visualize crossing the finish line.

The one thing I cannot stress enough as you are pushing and struggling and trying not to land on your head as you fall asleep on the course and fall down the hill….oh wait that was me.

Stop and take a second (just a second) to really remember the feeling and amazement of what you are doing. And then keep fucking moving. Do not stop. (unless you are literally endangering yourself or others).

Keep fucking moving.

Stopping for a few minutes to “warm up” DOES NOT WORK!!!!! If you need to warm up force yourself to do some burpees.

Sing at the top of your lungs, laugh hysterically, look forward to seeing Ryan Atkins’ ass pass you.

You will walk across that finish line and when you do you won’t be thinking of the horrible stench surrounding everyone, the possible chafing, the numb limbs won’t matter. You pass that finish line on your knees if you have to and scream at the top of your lungs again “I AM THE FUCKING STORM!!!!”.

And damn, visualizing the experience calmed something inside of me.



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