And I Know What You Came Here To Do, Now Bust It Open Let Me See You Get Muddy

The weekend before this past one I completed 22+ miles at Central Florida. The course was over the normal ten miles and even though TMHQ said it was two laps, it wasn’t really. The course just had a lot of cross over points and it was probably easier to just call it two laps.

Saturday was a beautiful day.

I met up with fellow mudder, JL, and we were out with one of the first waves of the day.

Central Florida is a mostly flat course. What makes it hard is the sand. Oh how I hate the sand.

The first couple obstacles we’re nothing of mention but the third one was Kiss of Mud. JL and I were alone when we got there and it worked out just fine because being alone meant that we had the photographers full attention and got ALL kinds of good photos.

Fast forward through a few obstacles and we were at Everest. Still a sore spot for me and I have trust issues, but I tried. Barely grasped finger-tips. Rolled onto my back and slid down.

I walked away without a concussion.

Blockness Monster was next and I had fun like always. I could hang out there all day.

Fast forward again and we were at Mud Mile. We decided (read: JL decided for us) that we would attempt the obstacle without help from anyone.

It’s a lot harder than you think. But we made it. And JL yelled at someone not to help me, which is the total opposite of what Tough Mudder is about, but it was a good laugh.

Cage Crawl came next and it will always be one of my favorites. There’s something relaxing about the simplicity of it.

We bypassed Electroshock, because no one has time for that.

Arctic Enema was cold. Bears poop in the woods. But we did see a guy who ran and ‘dived’ into it and almost made it through the whole thing in one go!

Fast forward once again and we’re at ‘Gator Glide’ which was a fairly simple obstacle, but fun and a chance to cool down.

Happy Ending was upon us and it was probably the best version of it I’ve seen all season. The slide side ended with no pain and smiles all around. The climb side, not so much.

I’ll be happy when it’s gone because nothing is more terrifying to me than watching people sliding down and hitting that 2×4.

Seriously, I was helping a the last of a group go up and we ended up having to catch three people when they started to slide down, including a girl who was almost going head first!

Sunday was much of the same but SO. MUCH. HOTTER.

It was easily the hottest that I’ve been on course all season.

But Sunday was also full with new people that were a great fun to be with! Some fellow mudders, Joel and Amy, were doing their 25th event!

It was great to be a part of their great day and share their excitement!

Keep an eye out for a post this week about Atlanta’s event and how my WTM mission may change.


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