Depression and My 2019 Season

In the past few years, fitness and being active has become so integrated into my everyday life that I honestly have a hard time remembering a time before it.

I know that there was a time before it, but I’m hard-pressed to remember it.

My family has a history of mental illness, from Bipolar Disorder to seasonal depression even addictive personality disorder. These issues are in my family and it’s something that I deal with.

I have been dealing with depression for years. It goes back to my early teens. In more recent years it’s mostly been seasonal depression and was relatively easy to deal with on my own.

This year though… This year is proving to be harder than the past and I’m struggling.

I believe that part of the reason also has to do with post-race depression and the outcome of my first World’s Toughest Mudder event. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not upset with myself and beating myself up over not accomplishing more.

But coming down from an exciting season where I accomplished many goals and spent SO much time surrounded by encouraging and amazing people, it was rough.

Add in the fact that I’m an extrovert through and through AND it seemed like the grossest, wettest, and dreariest winter I can remember.

Well, the past few months have proved to be a test.  And I feel like it was a test I failed.  I avoided the gym for weeks at a time and my weight gain proved that.

BUT, just like the sun eventually shines again, I made it to the other side.  And JUST in time, because prep for the 2019 race season is underway!

And I FINALLY am able to share my race schedule.



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