Back in Indiana I will find, All the Mudders so dear to me

A few weekends ago I was in Indiana for my sixth and seventh events of the season.

The better part of the story is that this was my second event weekend of traveling with Victoria. Which was a major highlight of the weekend. Because let me tell you, she is a HOOT and when we are together, there is enough laughter to make the world go around.

A little backstory on how Teddy Grahams and I met. It was in Nashville last year and I was determined to win Sean’s Mental Grit Award.

I can’t remember if she caught up with me or if I caught up with her, but what really matters is that she and I met. And it was epic.

There’s a really funny story that includes her getting the worst cramp in one of her calves and me digging around in my pants for the mustard that I keep there for emergencies. But it’s kind of one of those that you had to be there for.

Fast forward and we now have enough blackmail material on one another that this is now a friendship that will only end in death.

And there may, in fact, have been a death of one sort already while she and I have been together.

I talk about this because I believe that friendships, like this one, are one of the reasons that I LOVE the Tough Mudder community so much.

BUT I suppose I will talk about the Indiana event now.

First and foremost, Indiana venue was AMAZING! And, according to an article I read earlier this week, we will be back FOUR more times!

I was really impressed with the course layout and the attempt to bring more obstacles close to the Mudder Village. This is great for spectators certainly, but also for participants who want to cheer on other Mudders after they finish their own event.

In addition to the venue being home to a great layout, it is home to a CAMPGROUND!

I LOVE to camp! And I know many other Mudders do as well. I mean, there’s a Facebook group dedicated to it! So, given the opportunity, I will be camping there next year! And by camping, I mean trying to find a friend who already has a site that will let me throw my hammock up on it!

Overall, the event was loads of fun and a good quality course. I had a few concerns with the construction of some of the obstacles that I mentioned on the Ambassador group on Saturday night and those were addressed by Sunday morning.

I think that it goes without saying that the direction that Tough Mudder is not just a good one, but a great one. The way that TMHQ is more open with communication, not only with Ambassadors like me but also with the community as a whole, has allowed the community to feel more confident about the longevity of something we all love.


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