Back in Indiana I will find, All the Mudders so dear to me

A few weekends ago I was in Indiana for my sixth and seventh events of the season. The better part of the story is that this was my second event weekend of traveling with Victoria. Which was a major highlight of the weekend. Because let me tell you, she is a HOOT and when we … Continue reading Back in Indiana I will find, All the Mudders so dear to me

My Night at Toughest Midwest

Apprehension and excitement were my main emotions leading up to Toughest Midwest. As I volunteered that Saturday and started chatting with other Mudders and spectators, excitement took front seat. Spending time with Cali, Jack, and Jamie, who shared a BNB with me and were also running the Toughest, helped temper the apprehension as well. Jack … Continue reading My Night at Toughest Midwest

Setting Goals & Making Plans

When I made the decision to take on the World's Toughest Mudder I was forced to acknowledge something I struggle with: Setting goals But my goal-setting issues are more about the short term, measurable goals. I tend to see the forest but not the trees. Thankfully, I've met a TON of people, including Carola.  She … Continue reading Setting Goals & Making Plans

The Final Dance in the Desert: WTM 2017

There is another group of people who influenced my decision to take part in WTM 2018. First, let me explain the Tough Mudder community, specifically the Legionnaires. Legionnaires are people, like myself, that have completed multiple Tough Mudders.  There are a few people who have completed a TM 100x or more!  These are the people … Continue reading The Final Dance in the Desert: WTM 2017

When Was the Last Time…?

The well known, but unofficial, motto of Tough Mudder is: When was the last time you did something for the first time? My journey to World's Toughest Mudder started month before I actually made a decision.  It started April 29th while I was on the course completing my second Tough Mudder with some strangers. "Walkers … Continue reading When Was the Last Time…?