The Problem With Goals Is They’re So Dang Pretty

I have a goal for World's Toughest Mudder. It's a goal that I initially kept quite about and didn't share except with a select few people. But it was eventually shared for me more publicly. And now it has me afraid. I believe that when you have a goal and you don't share it, it's … Continue reading The Problem With Goals Is They’re So Dang Pretty

My Night at Toughest Midwest

Apprehension and excitement were my main emotions leading up to Toughest Midwest. As I volunteered that Saturday and started chatting with other Mudders and spectators, excitement took front seat. Spending time with Cali, Jack, and Jamie, who shared a BNB with me and were also running the Toughest, helped temper the apprehension as well. Jack … Continue reading My Night at Toughest Midwest

Setting Goals & Making Plans

When I made the decision to take on the World's Toughest Mudder I was forced to acknowledge something I struggle with: Setting goals But my goal-setting issues are more about the short term, measurable goals. I tend to see the forest but not the trees. Thankfully, I've met a TON of people, including Carola.  She … Continue reading Setting Goals & Making Plans